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The Sherikobol cocktail prepared according to an old recipe was very popular among the aristocracy of Gungerburg at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Saturday 21:00 - 00:00

Ajaloolise retsepti järgi valmistatud kokteil Sherikobol oli 20.sajandi algul Hungerburgi aristokraatide seas eriti populaarne.

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"Beauty is the promise of happiness" (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Balance of taste and elegance of presentation are the basics of culinary style of our chef Yekaterina Kurlenkova, a graduate of an art school in the past, which captures lightness, femininity and a subtle craving for fine arts.

Yekaterina is an artist who lovingly creates her own signature masterpieces, where there is a place for both components: substance – taste and form – presentation.

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The KUURORT restaurant will be the perfect place for your event!

We have everything you need to create an atmosphere of light idleness in which you can relax, enjoy delicious dishes, original drinks, friendly staff and a carefree atmosphere, feeling like you are at a resort.

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The author of the interior design of the restaurant KUURORT is a well-known Estonian designer.

The restaurant’s menu is simple and understandable. Minimal processing of the products results in a rich and completely natural taste.
Through the menu, the head chef conveys the atmosphere of a resort town, in which beauty and enjoying a leisurely vacation are interwoven.

The restaurant is located on the IV floor of the “Narva-Jõesuu” spa and can accommodate up to 40 people.