Dear guests!

We will be very glad to welcome you at the KUURORT restaurant! Before enjoying an exclusive chef’s meal, a glass of wine, the sound of the waves or a magnificent sunset caressing the pine branches, we would be delighted if you have a moment to read the history and concept of our restaurant. Even the name KUURORT is by no means accidental! Make yourself comfortable…

A resort for all time

The history of Narva-Jõesuu as a resort town dates back to the end of the 19th century. In 1873, at the initiative of the mayor A.T. Khan, the once fishing village with the telling name of Gungerburg (translated from German – ’hungry city’) began to develop as a resort for the St. Petersburg aristocracy – with the improvement of city streets and the construction of luxurious dachas that were leased to wealthy residents of the capital of Tsarist Russia. Later, rest on the Narva seaside gained the greatest recognition among the aristocracy, which acquired here the property of plots of land on which personal summer cottages were built. The first boarding houses also appeared in the city, including the famous hospital of Dr. Zaltsman, located at the corner of Sadovaya Street and Morskiy Lane, near the coast, that is, on the site of the Narva-Jõesuu SPA & Sanatorium.

The impeccable reputation of the resort was entrenched in Ust-Narva during the time of the Republic of Estonia, was actively maintained during the Soviet period, and is carefully preserved to this day.

Back to the roots

Currently the KUURORT restaurant is a tribute to the history of our city, an attempt to recreate the unique atmosphere of the Tsar’s time resort and the culinary traditions of that era – alluring and flourishing, when graceful young ladies walked arm in arm with gentlemen along the coastline, young mothers and nannies were touched by tricks of toddlers splashing in the bay, orchestras played in the parks, and people from all over the Empire flocked here to see a unique 12 kilometers long beach of delicate silvery sand.

Enjoy your meal and have a good time in the KUURORT restaurant!